Important Information about Flu

In many countries across the globe, flu outbreak occurs in winter seasons of every year, the reason why it is known as seasonal flu. The disease is highly infectious with symptoms that show off very quickly. Some common symptoms of flu include headache, joint and muscle pains, extreme tiredness, chills, and fever. Although it is important to practice personal prevention measures, an effective way to prevent the airborne disease is to visit a family medical centre for vaccination before every winter.

This infection can lead to permanent disabilities, hospitalization, and even death if not properly treated. However, healthy individuals can recover from flu within one week. One importance of going for flu vaccination at a reliable medical centre is that you live confidently not worrying of being infected by the disease during the period of its outbreak.

In addition, qualified doctors in Brisbane family medical centresadvise that every individual should go for flu vaccination before every winter season begins. For expectant mothers, this program is important, as the disease can interfere with the health condition of the unborn baby.

Transmission of flu

The flu virus can spread over a wide area in form of droplets of saliva. These droplets come out when an infected person sneezes or coughs without covering the mouth. A healthy person can be infected when he or she breathes in the droplets that carry flu viruses or when they touch the surfaces, where the droplets land.

Some common ways to prevent the spread of the virus that qualified doctors at a family medical centre will tell is to cover your nose when sneezing, cover your mouth when coughing, wash your hands with a recommended hand-detergent, and the most important one is to practice routine flu vaccination.

At what age should babies start having flu vaccination?

Children aged six months and above and happen to have or not have flu symptoms can go for flu vaccination before an outbreak. This infection can interfere with the health condition of a child, causing some related infections. Parents should not overlook taking their children for flu vaccination at a reliable family medical centre in their locations.

However, children under six months of age should not have flu vaccination even if they show the sign of this infection, as the vaccination does not work effectively in young babies. This is why expectant mothers should go for flu vaccination to pass the immunity to their unborn babies.

Parents should also note that flu vaccine could be given to children at the same time they get other vaccines. However, some flu vaccines do not suit young babies. Therefore, discuss with your reliable doctor beforehand.

That trend of vaccination should also apply to organizations. Employers should note that healthy workers contribute positively towards the company in many ways. Therefore, they should arrange for routine vaccination in the organization to prevent the spread of flu virus. In short, regular vaccination against flu by reliable family doctors in Brisbane, is the first step in preventing the occurrence.

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