Pamper your Taste Buds with Indian dishes in Bangkok

There is no doubt that Indian food in Bangkok is gaining immense popularity among the Thais, and it is growing with every passing year. It serves as an easy way for all Indian food lovers to enjoy the sub-continental delights sitting in the high end food court of any mind blowing Indian restaurant in Bangkok. These restaurants serve as a beautiful amalgam of eastern traditions and western inspirations.

· A must visit place:

An Indian restaurant in Bangkok is usually featured with incredible views that add more charm to the dining experience. The staff members of these eateries always try their level best to establish a unique atmosphere that will make the evening unforgettable for all those who will be visiting there with their loved ones. The menu includes some of the most excellent Indian dishes enriched with elegant modern decoration. The huge selections of food available in the restaurants are prepared by the professional chefs who have a great idea about the Indian flavors and are expert in preparing dishes that will suit every taste. These restaurants serve as a perfect destination for all those who are great foodies and music lovers. They can enjoy the signature mocktails and cocktails sitting in the ravishing atmosphere of the cozy bar and lounge area with the wonderful view. The charming outdoor terrace seating arrangement is also available for all those who want to chill out in the natural lighting and fresh air. From the juicy butter chicken to the mouthwatering saffron rice, the guests will get all their favorite Indian dishes that too at the most budget friendly rates.

· Best and the most affordable Indian restaurant:

The Indian restaurant in Bangkok is mostly located at some of the most accessible locations, which lie near the subways and metro stations. It is emerging as a unique rooftop dining and entertainment destination where all the guests are welcomed in the culinary scene. These Indian eateries in Bangkok have used their quality thoughts and inspirations to create and offer an Indian touch to both the dishes and ambience of the place. Most of the tourists and even natives find these restaurants as the best way of paying homage to the Indian roots that too in a unique and memorable way.

There is a great vision behind the overall design and interiors of these restaurants. The outstanding rooftop space of these Indian eating hubs encapsulates some of the most delicious and mouth watering Indian cuisines that too in a very electrifying and modern setting. The customer friendly staff members will serve their customers with the most pampering meals and best customer service experience. The most innovative thing about these Bangkok based Indian restaurants is that they are far away from the monotonous ideas of heavy curries and out-dated interiors. Their modern ethnic interior simply displays Indian fare as a delicious and vibrant creation.

· Special offers:

Apart from regular breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, these restaurants arrange some exclusive promotional occasions like ladies’ night, men’s evening and the special Sunday brunch. The guest will get an opportunity to relax in the pleasing atmosphere of these eateries where a wide variety of authentic Indian cuisine selections comprising of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes pamper the taste buds of their clients. A variety of soothing drinks, crunchy snacks and tasty desserts will just mark the perfect way to end the meal.

A Newbie’s Guide to French Cuisine

If you are visiting a foreign country, like Thailand, one of the best ways to experience the local culture is to taste their local delicacies. It can be fun trying out exotic flavors or dishes that you would not normally eat at home. But there are also times wherein you also crave for the familiar flavors, such as the ones you enjoy back home. If you love French cuisine, in particular, the idea is to look for the best French restaurant Thailand has to offer. Luckily, you will have several selections in Bangkok or other nearby areas to satisfy your palate.
During the earlier days, French cuisine took a lot of inspiration and influence from Italian cooking. But it was in the 17th century that French cuisine experienced a major shift that allowed France to develop its own unique style in cooking. Cheese and wine are two of the most significant components of French dining experience. In fact, no French social gathering is ever without them.
Several dishes from the French cuisine tradition are globally recognized, which also makes it one of the most popular cuisines in the world. There are three main courses that makeup a typical French meal: hors déuvre or the introductory course, plat principal or the main course, and the fromage or dessert. The French onion soup is one of the most famous type of soups in the world. It is a delicate kind of soup that the French love having before their meal; make sure to sample it as part of your French meal.
Baguette is another staple in French cuisine. It is also commonly served along with the main course items, such as Pot au feu or steak frites. French cheeses are never missing in the table when it comes to serving the main course.
Finally, the patisserie in the French cuisine is one of the most sought after in the world. A good French restaurant in Thailand must have a good selection of patisserie in France. Some of the most popular choices include the French macaron, éclair, crepe and crème brulee.
Despite having a distinct flavor and profile, French cuisine can be varied, too, according to the region with which they are coming from. If you are going into a particular French restaurant, you need to ask about the type of French cuisine they have to offer. Each regional cuisine in France is unique and can therefore offer a different dining experience.
Another important consideration when choosing which French restaurant Thailand offers is the credibility of the chef. How skilled or knowledgeable is the chef about French cuisine? What is their training in the field of cooking French food? Cooking Parisian dishes are very technical and precise – therefore, the chef should have sufficient knowledge and experience dealing with this type of cuisine.
When in Thailand, look no further than Savelberg to satisfy your craving for French food. This is the most notable French restaurant Thailand has to offer. If you would like to learn about the history of the restaurant or check out its menu, visit

Maximizing Local Economies Bit by Bit with Food Tourism

Eating good food is sometimes easily taken for granted. This happens because going the extra mile in spending for good food is mistaken for being unnecessary; not to mention the obviously wrong notion that food tourism is just a money grab. Nonetheless, for food enthusiasts and owners of any bar San Diego has today, food tourism doesn’t go those ways.


Bar San Diego


Don’t you just enjoy how a particular taste or smell makes you reminisce about that exciting bar San Diego has? Having encountered new potential friends, the intoxicating smell of grilled T-Bone steak, the natural high you experience from being in that Horton Hotel Bar, the Salt and Whiskey Bar San Diego… Great food, great times.

Fascinatingly, there’s a whole field that helps you relive those great memories. Through constant exploring of those dishes that remind you of those nights, food tourism makes life better for food enthusiasts and businesses as well.

Defining food tourism.

Is it traveling out of the country just to explore unique cuisines and taste exotic wines?

In contrast to other notions, food tourism is not only for international travelers with an insatiable longing for brand-new and unique cuisine. It can likewise develop in any local neighborhood. Local food festivals and weekend food gatherings are manifestations of a flourishing local tourism in your area.

Ideally, food tourism is the quest for experiencing one-of-a-kind moments through great food, despite the location; it is also the system that helps food businesses and food travelers run and sustain their transactions.

What businesses gain and lose

Food tourism is not just permitting dining establishments and any bar San Diego has to round up and showcase their optimal dishes to their faithful and potential clients. It is, at the same time, a platform for customers to recognize unappreciated but well-performing eating establishments, without splurging on expensive trips overseas.

Even so, from a business point of view, concluding that food tourism only benefits the businesses is not true and even unfair. Bistro owners are putting their pockets at risk from spending in food tourists.

Case in point: restaurant owners are spending despite not having a reassurance of a boost in their sales. As a result, their management time also gets affected. So food business enterprises, whether micro-, small- or medium-sized, need to be wise when it comes to investing in food fests and some other means related to with food tourism.

Cost-efficiency should always be put on top of the priorities, in relation to locality, ease of access, and dealing with the most suitable group of consumers.

In spite of that, food tourism raises businesses’ visibility to customers and sales outlets. Even better, it made it possible for them to acquire consumer intelligence on probable product lines and clients.

Food tourism on local economic improvement

Food tourism helps a local area through successful food fests and marketing. The latter helps in promoting quality food trends that are instantly associated with the locality—which means more attraction for waves of customers and potential clients. On top of that, it also maximizes the level of authority on the businesses’ side.

Say, in Southern California, San Diego has some distinctive wineries and clubs such as the Horton Hotel Bar San Diego, Salt and Whiskey. When it comes to any bar San Diego has like Salt and Whiskey, customers seem to really return to the perfectly balanced modern and vintage cuisine. Other than that, folks can also rideshare or travel by car in two hours to the nearby Marina Del Rey Hotel and enjoy great liquor and dance to the music festivals.

Those mentioned are only a few of the many epitomes of how food tourism enhances the economic progression of a locality. Whether you’re a venture capitalist or a food entrepreneur, don’t miss the chance to see and maybe partake in the wonders of food tourism on your local economy.