Home Care for Seniors on a Budget

The cost of sending a senior loved into a nursing facility can be quite expensive. The cost will cover for their accommodation, food and the services of health care and nursing professionals. Hence, a lot of families choose home care for their loved ones. It not only keeps them close to their senior loved ones but this option also offers a lot of practical benefits. The savings benefit is one that you cannot ignore and could be one of the reasons why it is popular nowadays.
Analyzing the Cost
When weighing the pro’s and con’s of home care for seniors, budget is one factor that is going to weigh in a lot. The huge discrepancy of the cost involved in sending your loved one into a senior facility is significant as compared to letting them stay at home and hire a professional trained in aged care Melbourne has to offer.
The average cost of putting your senior loved ones into nursing home is approximately at $200 a day (in major cities like Melbourne). This is for facilities that offer private rooms so your loved ones can have a private space of their own. There are also nursing facilities that offer shared or semi-private rooms, which will be lower than that of a private room but still quite expensive. For that cost, your loved ones can have a private room of their own, free meals for the entire day, and the assistance and care of the nursing staff and professional within the facility.
In an assisted living community, the cost is a bit lower than that of nursing homes. The average cost could be roughly $3,000 a month although it varies based on where you live. Therefore, you need to do a research and ask for quotes from various facilities so you can compare prices. An assisted living facility for seniors also provides your loved ones with meals for the entire day, private rooms and personal and housekeeping assistance.  Arcare
Meanwhile, hiring private home care services to visit your loved ones during the day and take care of them while you are away can offer considerable savings. Most private care nurses charge an hourly rate of about $20. Some home care service provides require a minimum of 4 hours a day, which could total to no more than $100 a day! This is still a huge saving as compared to a senior care facility. Some home aide services for seniors are also trained to handle special conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and the charges remain the same.
When to Consider Home Care?
For seniors, they experience a lot of independence when it comes to home care with the help of professionals that offer aged care Victoria has today. For you, the relative, it is a good thing because it will be more cost-efficient. Enjoying some savings is always a good thing but you need to consider other alternatives too. Your main priority should be providing the best care for your senior family members. If it means getting more savings, then that is just a bonus!

Writen by Benjamin James

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